Welcome Homeowners! We are here to help you make the most of that special place you call home. We relate to your needs for beauty, function and fun in your daily life. Life it too short to save it for special occasions.

We understand you have choices on shopping local while often trying to save money. We offer you those choices with a large variety of specially selected products in a wide range of prices to fit almost any budget. We say “almost any budget” because we will not sell low quality products with finishes that don’t last that you will have to replace or repair in 5 years. That doesn’t help your budget. This applies to all our product lines.

Our creative staff will work with you to create a look you want and stay within your budget. That is how we have taken care of homeowners in the north bay since 1960. Combine that with the best, caring customer service and a history of being there through your entire project, you can’t go wrong visiting Sonoma Kitchen & Bath. So whether you need some inspiring ideas, a simple faucet or design and products for an entire project, we are here for you. We are a passionate team that thrives on “Creating Spaces You Love, Value You Need.”