Rate Your Kitchen

Answer these questions from the National Kitchen & Bath Association to find out just how functional, safe, fashionable your present kitchen is -- or isn't!

  • Do your cabinets feature time-saving accessories such as rollout shelves, divided drawers and lazy susans? 
  • Is all the cabinet hardware in working order (things open, drawers glide out, etc.?)
  • Is there enough cabinet shelf space?
  • Do you have tall pantry storage in the kitchen? 
  • Do you have a convenient storage spot for small hand-held appliances? 
  • Is all the available wall and floor space used for organized storage? 
  • Is the cabinet finish in good shape? Is there a place to sort recyclables? 
  • Is there enough counter space located where you need it? 
  • Is the countertop material easy to keep clean? 
  • Is the countertop material undamaged and in good shape? 
  • Is the countertop color pattern up-to-date?   
  • Do you have task lighting above the countertop? 
  • Is there an attractive light fixture in the eating area? 
  • Are the light switches located where you need them? 
  • Is your lighting plan Title 24 compliant?
  • Do you have enough electrical outlets? 
  • Are the plumbing pipes free from leaks? 
  • Is there a good ventilation system in the cooking center? 

  • Is the flooring material easy to clean?
  • Is the wall covering easy to clean? 
  • Does the room look pretty to family members and guests?
  • Do you like the shape of your sink?
  • Is the sink in good condition?
  • Based on the way you cook and the way your family uses the kitchen, is the sink conveniently located?
  • Do you have a food waste disposer?
  • Do you have a dishwasher? 
  • Do you have a microwave oven, conveniently located? 
  • Is your refrigerator freezer large enough?
  • Based on the way your family uses the Kitchen, is the refrigerator conveniently located? 
  • Do all the element burners on your stove work?
  • Is the cooking surface easy to clean?
  • Based on the way you cook, are the oven and cook top located where you want them?
  • Are all the appliances a pleasant color that looks good? 
  • Does the kitchen relate to adjacent rooms the way you would like?
  • Is the view from the kitchen to the outside where you would like it to be?
  • Is there a casual dining area in the room? Is the kitchen arranged so that people traffic is directed away from the cook’s activities? 
If you answer No more than Yes, you need a new kitchen! Take the first step and contact a member of Sonoma Kitchen & Bath to ensure a successful project. We are kitchen and bath designers and subscribe to a strict Code of Conduct. Bring this evaluation with you, and your specialist will help you use your No answers to make planning decisions regarding room shape and size, fixture and material selection as well as mechanical specifications. 
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